Jack Redolo
Jack Redolo
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Sergeant Jack Redolo was a C-Sec officer and arms dealer on the Citadel.

He grew up on the Citadel, the child of an Alliance corporal and freighter pilot. Redolo grew up in a normal life attending public school and playing baseball. That changed, however, when his mother was redeployed from the Citadel to the Skyllian Verge and his father's freighter went missing in the Terminus Systems. Still on the Citadel and now in high school, Redolo joined C-Sec, where he worked as an operative of a counter-smuggling agency, the Citadel Illegal Weapon Prevention Task Force, specifically devoted to finding illegal weapons. He worked there for two years, but then learned that his mother and her entire ground unit, seventy-five marines, had been killed in an explosion. He began drinking heavily, and soon after was discharged for intoxication.

Now depressed and unemployed. Redolo turned to illegal arms dealing by running a front legitimate weapons company. With his knowledge of C-Sec tactics on finding weapons, he easily started making thousands of credits a month by smuggling and selling weapons mainly to the Blue Suns, who officialy enstated him into their organization. His actions drew notice, however, by crime lord, Thomas Grillok, who hired a young bounty hunter named Eli Richardson to kill him. Richardson did so successfully by pretending to be a buyer insisting on meeting on a small cargo ship that was going into the Citadel. When Redolo walked into the cargo bay, Richardson opened the airlock, sending both Redolo and six tons of red sand into space above the Citadel.

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