“Well, at least I'm honest enough to admit that I'm in it for the money.”

Jacob Dulios
Biographical information


Date of birth

2135 CE

Date of death

2185 CE

Physical description








Hair color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Blue Suns


Captain Jacob Dulios was an Alliance N7 marine and Blue Suns commander responsible for all Blue Suns operations on Illium.


Born on Mars in 2135 CE, Jacob Dulios grew up the son of an XO for a dreadnought and the captain of a frigate. He became a natural leader, joining the Alliance at the age of eighteen and being stationed on Shanxi for four years, until it was invaded by the turians. He participated in the Siege of Weeping Meadow University, serving as the spotter for a sniper during the siege. After the war, he was promoted to lieutenant first class and became an N7. After Shanxi he fought against the pro-human group known as Cerberus, earning the rank of captain. He was discharged in 2167 CE for killing the elderly mother of a trapped Cerberus soldier who was being used as a human shield by her own son. After being discharged, he became a mercenary for the Blue Suns, and became a valuable asset on Illium. Soon, he was running the Blue Suns operation from a desk. He brought up his gun again in 2185 CE, when his daughter Emily was killed by Eclipse mercenaries, who shot up the bar where she worked. Dulios set up a fake weapons deal with the people who murdered his daughter, and had his men kill them all. He was killed two weeks later by a salarian assassin working for the Eclipse, who forced him into playing a rigged game of Russian Roulette.

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