Jhosu'a and Jalnor
Jalnor Dril
Biographical information


Date of birth

65 CE

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color


Skin color

Olive Green

Chronological and political information

Batarian Hegemony


Jalnor Dril was a batarian male assassin and bodyguard under the employ of the batarian ambassador and war hero, Ka'so Hensa, during the Rachni Wars. A batarian from the Terminus Systems world of Pragia, Jalnor was taken into custody by the batarian general and war hero, Ka'so Hensa, following the murder of his parents and the arrest of the rest of his family. Years later, he would go on to fight alongside Hensa against the rachni, a race of intelligent insectoids guided by a hive-mind intelligence, during the early stages of the rachni Wars. After being discharged from service for gruesomely mutilating the bodies of dead rachni he had killed, Jalnor was responsible for the assassination of the army general who disgraced his mentor and father-figure, Hensa, by accusing him of having an affair with his wife.

Following the conclusion of his service in the Batarian Hegemony military, Jalnor became Ka'so Hensa's personal enforcer and bodyguard, quickly establishing a reputation as ruthless and sadistic among the polticians of the Citadel Council who dealt with his master, Hensa, while on the Citadel. Later on, Jalnor agreed to also become the batarian ambassador's personal assassin.


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