was a water world with a tropical climate and Salarian border colony located on the edge of Salarian space near Rachni controlled territory during the Rachni Wars. It was a 'watchmen' colony in the sense that if it was attacked it wuld be a warning of Rachni intrusion into Salarian space. Because of it's remote location it was heavily reinforced with Salarian military forces and armored vehicles. It's entire economy was based around production of weapons for the Salarian government and for defense. Despite being so heavily defended however the colony was raided and destroyed in a surprise attack where the Rachni exhibited incredible strategy by cutting off communications, defense turrets, sattelite arrays, and power to the colony in a few hours before attacking. The colony was blind and could not detect the Rachni ships or engage them before they landed, and the swiftness of the attack meant that backup could not come soon enough. The Rachni brutally slew over 99.998% of the colonists leaving less than a dozen colonists and fourty STG operatives alive before Salarian Admiral Derol Gerut arrived with fifteen council warships and managed to repel the attack. The counterattack however took two days to reach Jamone, leaving the colony destroyed and abondonded. It was never recolonized and the ruins remained for thousands of years. They would later become a popular hideout and red sand producing facility for Blood Pack Mercenaries until 2178 CE where Alliance N7 Commandos led by Staff Lieutenent Maria Dabaleta raided the planet again during Operation Huntress, wiping out the Blood Pack and militiant forces for good. After the victory the Alliance, with the aid of the Salarians, made a refueling and rearming station in orbit over the planet. It was used by both Alliance and Salarian Navy patrols and was considered a sign of human and salarian cooperation.

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