WARNING: This document, Jard Kahlius, is property of the Citadel Council and Systems Alliance, and is Classified under Alliance security code Omega Seven (O7), protected under the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony. Disclosure of its contents to, or access by, personnel with a clearance level lower than Gamma Five (G5) is an offense punishable by court(s) martial and imprisonment or execution for treasonous acts. Failure to disclose confirmed or suspected breaches of security will be treated as complicity, and is punishable by dishonorable discharge and/or imprisonment.

All politicians are corrupt, no? What difference does one make?
—Jard, right before his death.

Jard Kahlius was a turian governor. He was not selected as Councilman on the Citadel, as Alast Velarn won, and has gotten very close to being Councilman more than once, but scandal, controversy, rumor, and corruption have all stopped him. In one incident of making illegal trades of weapons for the turians, he was on Omega, and was tricked. The arms dealer was a mercenary, and if it weren't for another mercenary rescuing him, he would've been killed on Omega, though a year later, he was killed by the turian mass murderer Kymir Jhoeli in the year 2175 CE. Jard Kahlius was not only a corrupt politician, but a hateful one, too. In the times he did go into contact with humans during debates, meetings, etc., he would somehow be opposing everyone else, and was very racist to humans and salarians.

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