Jennifer Hernandez
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2151 CE

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Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Hernandez was a female Alliance soldier who commanded the SSV Persian during the Battle of the Citadel.


Early lifeEdit

Jennifer was born aboard a space station on September 17th, 2151 CE. Her parents were both part of an Alliance special-tasks team. Jennifer was modified genetically, which was provided free of charge because she was an Alliance asset. She had modifications on her strength, reflexes, and mental ability.

When Jenn turned six years old, the First Contact War began. Her parents stepped in line and fought to save Shanxi. During this time, she had to live with her uncle, someone whom instilled the military heart - and doctrine line by line - into her. The war had ended as quickly as it started, and yet her parents were nowhere to be found. A week later, she and her uncle received the news that both of her parents had been killed in action.

Military careerEdit

Eventually Jenn turned eighteen, and with the darker parts of her history behind her, she enlisted into the Systems Alliance. The training was nothing short of rigorous, but she went through and excelled. After that she was assigned to small time missions; Protecting ships, getting garrisoned, helping to settle colonies. Jenn was even a part of the small ground team that pushed the Blue Suns off world of Oedipus, a newly colonized world. Slowly and steadily she improved, and eventually she was assigned aboard the SSV Agincourt. She spent five years on the ship, and achieved the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

It was on her fifth year aboard that they received news about the attack on Elysium, and were the first ones there. Jenn was placed as part of the ground team. She commanded a small squad of eight, five of whom died during the Skyllian Blitz, and was sent to destroy an outpost. During this fight one of the killed in action was her best friend; He had opted to be a distraction and was the only reason they had succeeded. Jenn wasn't used to losing people under her command, and almost suffered with post traumatic stress. She was awarded a medal and promoted to Lieutenant Commander for her work. She took shore leave for a bit after that, refusing to get involved with the Torfan incident.

A couple years later and Jenn was awarded the C.O. of a newly developed ship; The SSV Persian. She accepted. Jenn and the rest of her crew were apart of the defense of the Citadel. The ship took severe damage and she lost most of her crew. Another year passed before the repairs of the SSV Persian were completed. Also, upgrades were installed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jennifer Hernandez is an RP character on the Mass Effect RP call Mass Effect Origins. The character was created by, and used, by site admin, Ria.

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