We can either hold this ground or die on it, but we will not retreat.
—Jerogar Derito to his unit on Omicron.
Jerogar Derito
Jerogar Derito
Biographical information
Date of birth

56 CE

Physical description






Chronological and political information

Captain Jerogar Derito was a Salarian Special Tasks Group captain who fought in the Rachni Wars. He was first deployed to the salarian colony of Jamone where he worked there for six years, even finding a wife. But then the colony was raided by the rachni. The entire colony was slaughtered with his wife wounded and killed.

Enraged and eager for revenge, he requested deployment to Ragnora where he worked for seven years, killing dozens of rachni and earning the Salarian Silver Dagger for bravery, courage, and valor.

He was deployed in 81 CE to Omicron at the age of twenty-five after a fifteen-year career in STG. He served with a joint species unit comprised of nine Salarian STG and a quarian biotic, all of who were under his command. He was deployed with a goal of defending the orbital guns at any means necessary. His first combat on Omicron was when he led his squad to investigate a blacked-out comm facility that was invaded by rachni. He successfully secured the facility.


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