Jhosu'a and Jalnor
Jhosu'a Rann
Biographical information


Date of birth

44 CE

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color


Skin color

Olive Green

Chronological and political information

Jhosu'a Rann was a male batarian who was an intelligence agent in the Hegemony Intelligence and Reconnaisance Group, also known as HIRG. Prior to the Rachni Wars, Jhosu'a met the famous batarian general Ka'so Hensa on Khar'shan before his disgrace due to this alleged affair with the wife of another batarian general. The pair became great friends, and often worked together after Ka'so was reassigned to a backwater post near the Hawking Eta Cluster, the home of the rachni homeworld, Ragnora. However, the Citadel Council called him into its service, and shortly afterward he took up a post on the Citadel.

In Citadel Council service, Jhosu'a became the Director of the Special Tasks Group, and was later appointed as an advisor to the Salarian Councilor before his untimely death, and the ascension of Roraan Fretly, his successor. He entered into a marriage with a high-ranking batarian advisor to the Citadel Council, and had six children who resided on the couples home on the batarian homeworld, Khar'shan. When the manaba began to threaten the Citadel Council during the Rachni Wars, Jhosu'a overhead a conversation between the Salarian Councilor, and the Asari Councilor where they were planning to have the Manaban Emperor assassinated. Ka'so Hensa, now the batarian ambassador to the Citadel Council, discovered this and forced Jhosu'a to divulge the details of the conversation. Disgraced, Jhosu'a challenged Ka'so to a ceremonial duel, and was subsequently killed.


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