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Specialist Jim "Big Joe" Green was an Alliance Marine and mercenary on Omega.

He was born on Mindoir into a poor family. He did not do well in school and decided to join the marines as a way to avoid a dead-end life of crime. He was first assigned to Sergeant Rufus Floyd's 'Red Team' as the CQB expert which was a group of EVA marines based off the SSV Tortuga. Green, who was hardly a people person, never experienced any non-combat relations with his squad mates. He served in Red Team until the Skyllian Blitz, when the boarding of the Octus Mo resulted with the death of Corporal Belock. With Belock's death the team fell apart and Green deserted the Alliance, killing two fellow soldiers to hijack a Kodiak dropship and leave to Omega.

On Omega he started working as a mercenary for the highest bidder, mainly working as hired muscle for the turian arms dealer, Twelove Retulian. He got notice from the Eclipse due to his role in the Afterlife Massacre, where he held off thirteen Blood Pack krogan mercenaries from the abandoned booth overlooking the main floor. Impressed with his work, Eclipse hired him to travel to the Citadel to kill the turian commander Redofold, who was leading a campaign against the Eclipse. He was promised 30,000 credits for the job. Unfortunately for Green however while on board his transport he was ambushed by two Blood Pack krogan intent on seeking revenge for his previous actions. They beat him for three hours in a concealed chamber then tied him up and placed him in an escape pod. The pair launched it into space with Green still immobile and tied Green waited for six hours in agonizing pain before the pod's air ran out and he died of oxygen deprivation. His body was never found.

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