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Joey Francoli
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2159 CE

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Corporal Joey Francoli was an Italian marine in the Alliance and sniper for the elusive black ops organization, the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony.

Born on Shanxi in 2159 CE to a mechanic and bartender, Francoli was a troublemaker from an early age. When he was eight years old, he was arrested twice for drinking stolen whiskey from his father's bar. When he was thirteen, his parents divorced due to his drunken father's repeated abuse of his mother. His mother won custody and Joey went with her to the Citadel, where he got into even more trouble while running in a gang made of local turians and humans.

Five years and six arrests, later Francoli joined the marines where he served as part of a garrison on Halumie. A year later the now corporal went on leave to Kenya to visit his dying father, who had been mortally wounded in a gunfight with a group of vorcha. He was there for two days when his father died.

Saddened, he went to a bar, where he was attacked by a drunk krogan after he spilled his beer on him. A fellow patron, Harrison Mendez joined the fight and attempted to defend him. The krogan killed Mendez and Francoli suffered four fractured ribs. However he did attract the attention of Jonathan Guzman, a "talent scout" for the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony. Guzman offered to make Francoli, an expert shot, an assassin and to clear his record. Francoli accepted and chose to be listed as KIA due to the barfight.

As a sniper he was deployed back to Halumie to take out leaders of a the Blue Suns operation. His first kill was the smuggler, Tinon Menas, whom he killed by shooting a crate of explosives near him with a silenced rifle. The explosives were stolen grenades to be smuggled offworld.

After more hits on Blue Suns officers and random shootings of foot soldiers, Francoli had drawn the Suns' attention. Desperate for information on this killer, the Suns bribed an Alliance comm operator to listen in on the OATH channels. After two weeks Francoli's orders were intercepted and the Blue Suns set a trap for him by placing a squad of men in the office from whose window he was ordered to snipe a Blue Suns enforcer. The squad dispatched Francoli, then proceeded to hang him from a light post with a sign around his neck reading, "Fucked with the Blue Suns", a message to all who opposed the Suns.

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