Jonathan Guzman cropped
Jonathan Guzman
Biographical information

SSV Riyadh

Date of birth

2140 CE

Date of death

2187 CE

Physical description








Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
  • OATH Recruiter

Captain Jonathan Guzman was an Alliance N7 Commando, and a 'talent scout' for the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony.

Born on the cruiser SSV Riyadh in 2140 CE, Guzman was the illegitimate son of XO Captain Samuel Guzman, conceived after the elder Guzman raped the ship's Armory Sergeant, Melissa Rodan. During his childhood, both Jonathan and his mother were repeatedly raped and sexually abused by Samuel, until Rodan, hoping to protect her son, sent young Jonathan to Earth to live with his grandmother. Shortly afterwards, Samuel Guzman was arrested for rape and spent the rest of his life in jail.

Being raised by his grandmother gave Guzman an interesting life and childhood. Being a former N7 Lieutenent herself, Guzman's grandmother pressured the boy to join the military. His mother also encouraged him on this path when she visited him, and when he was nineteen, he went to a military college.

In 2163 CE, at the age of twenty-three, Guzman graduated with an officer's commision. He became an N7 and was assigned to the frigate SSV Charleston, where he spent seven years in command of an N7 platoon, periodically gaining new recruits, including then-Sergeant Major Maria de Wilden. He did not see action, however, until 2170 CE, when the Charleston was sent to patrol the colony of Mindoir.

The patrol was supposed to be routine, but the Charleston arrived to find a world being brutally raided by batarian forces. Guzman ordered his platoon to the ground, where he chose to defend a civilian evacuation point. He sent de Wilden, whom he had placed in command, to bring the fight to the batarians. Though Guzman and his men successfully held their position, the brutality of the batarian raiders haunted him for years afterwards.

Barely functioning after Mindoir, Guzman was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and dismissed. He returned to Earth, where he sank into alcoholism and soon became completely destitute. He continued in his sad state until 2176 CE, when he was arrested on charges of aiding in the robbery of a jewelry store in exchange for alcohol.

However, when he was run through the databanks, the police discovered that he was a former N7. This caught the attention of an operative from the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony, who happened to be working with the police. Noting his developed persuasive nature, the operative saw Guzman as an ideal 'talent scout' to identify and persuade potential OATH recruits to join.

Guzman was officially declared dead and taken to Tokugawa Station, where he joined the OATH. He recieved counseling for his alcoholism and became a Buddhist. By 2177 CE, Guzman was working on Earth to find and recruit potential OATH operatives.

Guzman continued to work for the OATH until 2187 CE, when he died of the deadly STD AIDS that was inherited by his father.

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