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Joseph McAllister
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Joseph McAllister was an elite Eclipse mercenary leader. Joseph was born to a wealthy family on Illium.

Early LifeEdit

After his birth, his parents took in ownership on a large museum filled with priceless items. Sometime after his 13th birthday, the Blue Suns stole many items in the museum. Joseph, angered, ran away from home and joined the Eclipse, murdering Blue Suns leader, Joe Kastansas, as his initiation. The Eclipse were impressed at his choice of initiation, and let him join the Eclipse.


Shipping RouteEdit

Joseph's first mission was fighting off a Blue Suns raid on a tainted Element Zero shipping route. The Sun's tactic was to wait until a vessel passed by, and board, taking the ship as it flew to its destination, not interrupting the flow of movement. Joseph and four other mercenaries stowed away in a crate filled with sand, and waited until the Blue Suns boarded. They then revealed their weapons, disguised by the sand, and fired on the unsuspecting Blue Suns, killing them.

Working for Dante SantosEdit

After his first mission, Joseph was assigned to protect tycoon on Omega, Dante Santos. Dante was known for everything that could get him in jail, and that's why he needed security. Joseph and three other mercs traveled with him wherever he went, and ten Eclipse were stationed at his home in the depths of Omega.

During a trip to a "Wal-Mart", Dante was attacked by batarians who he owed debt to. The Eclipse took three of the batarians out before one of their own was killed. After a firefight, Joseph was the only survivor, aside from Dante. Dante purchased what he needed, and Joseph flew him to his home. After dropping him off, where he was taken by more Eclipse, Joseph traveled to a hotel, where he hired an asari prostitute. After traveling back to the home the next morning, Joseph found the home raided, everyone inside dead. Santos was bleeding out, and Joseph bandaged him up, and used his omni-tool to stop the bleeding. Santos told Joseph to go back to his leader, and that he was using the Blue Suns from now on. On his way out, Joseph shot Santos in the head, and fled the home.

After being debriefed by an asari mercenary, Joseph was actually promoted for killing Santos, despite the fact that fifteen mercenaries were killed in the progress. There was a prize out for whoever killed Santos, and the Eclipse had gotten that, plus Dante's money, which was stolen by Joseph.

Lead of MercenariesEdit

Shoot 'em.
—McAllister, on his first mission with command over other mercs.

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