Joseph Morita
Biographical information

MSV Ingram

Date of birth

2151 CE

Date of death

2187 CE

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Joseph Morita was a human miner employed by a subsidiary of Ariake Tech on Uke Mochi. In 2186 CE, he had the supreme misfortune of stumbling upon a Reaper that had been buried beneath the planet's surface eons earlier, and was indoctrinated and cybernetically altered to become the Reaper's instrument in an attempt to indoctrinate hundreds of humans.


Early lifeEdit

Born aboard the MSV Ingram in 2151 CE, Joseph's childhood was relatively uneventful. His father, Jon Morita, was an Ariake Tech sales representative. His mother Elizabeth was a cook. Due to his father's job, young Joseph spent his formulative years in space. As a child, he viewed the galaxy with a profound reverence and as he matured, this grew into a strong spiritual bent. In his teens he told his mother that he wanted to become a priest, and with her encouragement he worked towards trying to gain admission to a seminary. However, in 2167, the MSV Ingram was attacked by mercenaries. Joseph and his mother managed to reach an escape pod, but his father was killed and almost all of the family's possessions were left behind, and so when Joseph and Elizabeth arrived at nearby Uke Mochi, they were nearly destitute. With his dreams of seminary now beyond his means, Joe got a job working as a miner for Seiji Mineral Concern, an Ariake subsidiary.

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