Julia Cerold 2
Julia Cerold
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2160 CE

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Captain Julia Cerold was a former Alliance soldier and hitwoman for the Shadow Broker who worked on the Citadel and was involved in the Green Day Massacre.


Born on Earth in 2160 CE, Julia grew up poor and tough with a love for music and guns. When she was 17, she signed up with the N7 Commandos, where she trained in tech and close range abilities. She first served on Torfan with her military boyfriend, Pvt. David Geoff, who died in battle.

Enraged over Geoff's death, Cerold left the Alliance to become a hitwoman and informant for the Shadow Broker on the Citadel, and soon rose to the rank of Captain.

Julia Cerold

Julia wearing her stolen Eclipse armor

In 2182 CE, she helped take out an Eclipse sergeant who had betrayed her employer. Cerold killed her and kept her armor as a keepsake of the hardest fight she ever fought.

She continued working as a hitwoman for two more years before she was assigned to assist fellow operative Vornel Demarian in the Green Day Massacre, a violent attack staged at the funeral of Farouk Amanesu, a rival information broker. She was the second-in-command, and killed Amanesu's mother and three of his friends. The operation went south, however, when one of her teammates, a mentally-unstable salarian named Oneir Kadil, decided that he didn't like killing civilians, and turned on the rest of the team. Demarian panicked and attacked Tehearus Orm, and soon the five operatives had turned on each other, unsure of who was the traitor. Cerold killed Kadil and fled the scene, swapping her armor for the clothes from Amenesu's mother's corpse.

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