Don't worry, you'll see everything. Starting with my gun.
—Krelera Fresala before drawing a gun on Krimus Garfron in her attempt to kill him.

Krelera Fresala was an Asari commando and Spectre candidate sent by the council to kill Krimus Garfron after he was seen as a threat. She was sent in to kill him as a way of proving herself as she was a candidate for the Spectre's and had been working for three years to become one. To fulfill her task she decided to disguise herself as a prostitute knowing Garfron's preference for Asari women. She staked out a nightclub for three days before being hired by Garfron for her services. Once she got to his mansion and was in his bedroom Garfron told her to strip down where she responded by pulling her gun, an Asari mark 13 concealed shotgun. She fired with only one pellet hitting. Then she jumped with a knife on top of Garfron who got her off by kicking her in her breast. She was shot three times in the face by a Carnifex hand cannon killing her. Her body was sent to the Council who decided to prepare an invasion fleet before the Office of Naval-Alliance Security sent the sniper Jonah Richardson to kill Garfron.

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