Seal of the Krogan Union of Tuchanka
The Krogan Union was a krogan military pact made during the Rachni Wars that unified the krogan people under one banner. Suggested by krogan chieftan, Gradorm Fey the union was a democratic pact origanilly made by the seven strongest krogan clans on Tuchanka. After it's formation many smaller clans were easily pressured into joining. Made to ensure krogan strength in the Rachni Wars the seven chieftans who formed the union's council appointed krogan councilor, Tikrog Kurvok to the position of Krogan Overlord making him superior to all krogans and holding infinite power of the krogan. As well Kurvok was appointed to position of ambassador to the council. Becoming almost a councilor for the Krogans during the war. The union united all krogan by 83 CE which combined numbered over three hundred million. Which aided in the Rachni Wars and created an army that would become the basis of the krogan's forces during the Krogan Rebellions.


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