Look... I'm a Spectre. And you're a criminal. So... Are we going to do this the easy way, or the Spectre way?
—Kryses, interrogating a criminal.
Kryses Idkium
Biographical information
Date of birth

2142 CE

Date of death

2177 CE

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Kryses Idkium was a turian Spectre, one of the most famous Spectres until Shepard, and was known as the "bad cop", while his partner, Nihlus Kryik, was known as the "good cop". Nihlus went on after Kryses' death, as he was killed in the year 2177 by the turian mass murderer Kymir Jhoeli.


In 2177 CE, Kryses was assigned to determine the identity of the Citadel Stalker, hunt him down, and eliminate him. Merely days into his investigation, Kymir Jhoeli sabotaged Kryses' ship, stranding him on the Citadel. To make an example of him, Kymir sent footage he had obtained of Kryses to various news organizations. The footage consisted of Kryses torturing and interrogating various people, as well as a video of him killing several civilians while pursuing a target, and dismissing them as collateral damage. Kymir made his hunt of Kryses a public spectacle. As the videos blared on large screens in the middle of one of the wards, civilians recognized Kryses and formed a mob, denouncing him as a criminal and attacking him.

In the midst of the chaos, Kymir detonated a gas bomb which induced unconsciousness onto the crowd. While wearing a face mask to conceal himself, Kymir sent an EMP to short-circuit cameras in the ward, while he grabbed Kryses. Kymir took Kryses to the warehouse where he had tortured Amon Vakarian and dumped multiple bodies. Surrounded by decrepit carcasses, Kryses awoke bound and gagged, and realized that he was being videotaped on a live feed. The feed linked to an extranet site Kymir had created solely for the footage of him killing Kryses.

Kymir screamed that the Citadel Stalker was untouchable into the camera, and proceeded to slowly torture, murder, and dismember Kryses. He then sent each of Kryses' limbs to the news stations to whom he had given the footage of Kryses' crimes. During the torture, in Kryses' blood, Kymir wrote "Mercy killing" on the walls of the warehouse, and explained to Kryses that if he freed him, the public would tear him apart for what he'd done, and that he was saving him from a worse fate. This entire incident marks the only time in Kymir's "career" that he took the risk of being extremely public about his crimes to the media.

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