A whole prison of naked and psychotic asari... It sounds like fun, up unti you get yakked...
—Justine Marsters

L'Shero Correctional Station is an asari-built deep-space prison, located near the asari colony world of Tamaris, which has obtained a reputation as the "Blue Hell".


Constructed in 1173 CE, L'Shero was intended to be an answer to the crime on Tamaris, which up until that point had been plagued with rampant organized crime. Highly restrictive by asari standards, it became an effective deterrent, and Tamaris's crime rate soon became manageable again. Eventually, however, Tamaris fell on hard economic times, and the government believed that L'Shero had reached a point where it no longer required extensive oversight. Originally a model prison, the station suffered extensive budget cuts and financial mismanagement over several centuries, until the government of Tamaris became unable to maintain the prison and was forced to sell it to Palias Security.

Under Palias Security, the station began to deteriorate further. After Palias began charging inmates for their clothing, the majority of the inmates simply chose not to buy clothing and, because the presence of clothing denoted new inmates and thus made them targets, the company soon ceased offering it. When assault, rape and murder rates began to rise, the company began drafting elaborate procedures for reporting incidents that were designed primarily to protect them from liability, and thus reports soon stopped; the company elected to believe that this indicated that the violence had tapered off.

Of course, eventually stories about what went on at L'Shero began to seep out onto the extranet, and Palias, facing the possibility of legal or civil actions, began seeking out a partner corporation willing to help take over some of the administration responsibilities. After much searching, they finally managed to reach an agreement with Archon Detainment Systems, a human-owned private contractor. Under the terms of the agreement, Archon would pay a considerable monthly stipend, and in exchange, L'Shero would absorb some of the "overflow" from Archon's facilities. When this led to inter-species violence, Archon hired Illium-based NairidaCorp to help restore order. However, during a visit from NairidaCorp's CEO, Siani Dantius, one of the human inmates, Justine Marsters, broke out of her cell and managed to sneak aboard Dantius' ship, the NCSV Arine. Marsters subsequently stole a drop shuttle from the Arine and used it to try and escape to Tamaris, but instead crashed into the planet's surface.

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