“A lot of good men died on Torfan. We were just better, that's all.”

Laura Kingston
Biographical information


Date of birth

2155 CE

Physical description




Chronological and political information

Alliance Navy


Laura Kingston was an Alliance soldier assigned to the SSV Omaha in 2183 CE.

History Edit

Laura was born on Earth in 2155 CE. At the age of eighteen she joined the Alliance Navy. She was assigned to Josué Doblar's squad in 2176 CE and participated in the Battle of Torfan. She was one of the few in Josué's squad who survived the battle. In 2183 CE she was asked by Ambassador Udina to join Josué's squad once again. She accepted and was brought on board to the SSV Omaha. During the Attack on Asteroid X57 she sided with Josué on catching the terrorist leader over saving the hostages.

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