The leeda were a race of bird-like mammals that were wiped out by Alliance soldiers after initial contact with them on the planet Zormono by the 92nd Shock Trooper Regiment after they responded to a downed military frieghter's distress call. The leeda stood around six feet tall and were semi advanced with a deep religious connection to their home planet. Having achieved technology of mass accelerators that were gained from studying the ruins of an ancient mass relay that was destroyed when krogan dreadnaughts fired on it in a desperate measure to stop the invasion of Tuchanka in the waning period of the Krogan Rebellions. The leeda had considerable but inferior weaponry, mostly small arms and traditional close quarters blades. They were mainly nomadic as the deep connection they had was that their home planet was holy and sacred, a viewpoint that was considered to be similar to early native american cultures by many humans. This being said it was believed permanent buildings would destroy the sacred life giving planet, so leeda migrated their entire population together, something that could be seen from space as two billion moved under across the planet in an almost neverending walk. This massive army was commanded by elders from the strongest and most abundunt families who voted over where to go and how to handle matters of food supplies, defence, and legal issues. This cycle went on for thousands of years until in 2174 CE, when a human freighter carrying chemical weapons crashed on Zormono. These chemicals destroyed almost all natural life within a hundred miles, and the leeda savagely hacked the humans who they believed to be devils to death with steel cleavers. When the 92nd Shock Trooper Regiment found the bodies, it was considered an act of war, and was met with war from the Alliance. Several OATH black-op groups brought captured leeda in for interrogation and study. In a week their language, a series of high and low pitched clicks, was cracked and interrogations proceeeded. However these were of no avail as the questions asked did nit apply to leeda culture. In six weeks the 92nd and many other groups, mainly using chemical weapons had obliterated the bird like species completely and all records were covered up to hide their very existance.

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