Jerogar Derito

Jerogar Derito, the squad's commander.

Lima Squad was a group of eleven elite warriors, one quarian biotic and ten salarian STG operatives that was deployed to Omicron during the Rachni Wars. Commanded by Captain Jerogar Derito with his second-in-command Lieutenant Darri'Ferrochina, Lima Squad was formed of a diverse collection of operatives ranging from a cop tech expert to a young colonist explosives expert. Lima Squad's first combat operation was to investigate a blacked out comm facility that was the first base to be hit in the invasion of Omicron.


  • Captain Jerogar Derito - Commanding Officer
  • Liuetenant Darri Ferrochina - Second in command quarian biotic
  • Private First Class Amonack Deroman - Explosives Expert
  • Tech Sergeant Alakador Ferold - Technical Expert
  • Corporal Seroculas Damarian - Spotter for Sergeant Cerolof
  • Sergeant First Class Jolak Cerolf - Sniper team one leader
  • Warrant Officer Deslo Ter - Sniper team two leader
  • Sergeant First Class Halak Tarrv - Spotter for Warrant Officer Ter
  • "Sarge" - Heavy Weapons expert
  • Sergeant Major Derolt Carnas - CQC expert
  • Specialist Hilk Adavos - Assault Expert and mechanic


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