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Tactician's HonorEdit

The Tactician's Honor is one of the higher medals that can be earned by a leader in battle. It involves defeating impossible odds with only a handful of troops compared to the opposition, and having most of the men get out alive. This is awarded on high risk missions, and so not many have earned it.


Medal of Military Greatness

Medal of Military Exploration


Created around the time of the Systems Alliance Navy, the Medal of Military Exploration has changed standards more than any other medal created for the Systems Alliance. When created, it was given to those who were willing to enter the vastness of space for protecting colonies, but this medal became far too common and was changed in 2162 to those who stayed off world for over 2 years. As this also became too common, it was changed yet again in 2170 to people who volunteered to be in space for over 10 Years.

This would be the final change up until 2186, when space travel seemed more hazardous after the Reaper War, and is now continued to those who stay off world for 2-5 Years at a time.


Medal of Heroism


Created in 2157, After the events of the First Contact War. It is one of the Systems Alliance's highest forms of honor. It is awarded to those who continued fighting though impossible odds. The first to ever be awarded this medal was Admiral Kastanie Drescher of Second Fleet after her unit retook Shanxi after the failure of General Williams.

Very few have earned this medal outside of battle, and most awarded are high-ranking officers, the most common recievers of this medal are given it posthumously, after their actions and valor are recognized. General Williams, Commander Shepard, and 2Lt. Kaiden Alenko are few recipients.

James Christianson is awarded this Medal, as well as Spectre Status, in 2194.


Medal of Colonial Service


Created in 2170, Shortly after Batarians attacked the colonial world of Mindoir. The Systems Alliance could not find an award great enough to give to those who risked and lost their lives against the raiders. This medal was created and given to all those who helped civilians on Mindoir during the raid, as well as Survivors who joined the Alliance afterwards and have records of being through the attack.

This award was also given after the Collector Crisis to numerous servicemen and women who went missing or were killed during the colonial attacks. Such recipients are Lt. Ernesto Zabuleta, Rear Admiral Hannah Shepard, Lt. Commander Williams, and Lt. Commander James Christianson.

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