Locke 370 Magnetic Rifle
The Locke 370 Magnetic Rifle was a double barreled anti-material rifle used in the Rachni Wars. It was developed by the Salarian STG but rarely used due to it's sheer power, which could easily shatter a Salarian's arm and shoulder. The rifle was designed to be pinpoint accurate by using a lock on system. This was utilized by the lower barrel which would fire a seeking magnetic dart upon the pull of the trigger. Less than a second after the dart was fired an eight inch armor penetrating with an explosive core equal to a grenade round was fired. It was slower than the dart and was magneticaly attracted to it. Meaning it would follow the dart and make impact with it's target. It worked well with Krogan fireteams in the wars as well as the occasional Dezba sniper. Asari and Salarians would occasionaly use it but often declined due to it's high risk of injury. This was partially mitigated with the use of a long stock that would slowly decrease the kick but still made the Locke a risk. It was described by a Krogan warlord as an "Ugly yet strong son-of-a-bitch." The rounds had to be loaded in from behind the trigger making it a bullpup and ejected from a port on the gun's side. One of it's main disadvantages was that it could only hold one five pound bullet before reloading. Reguardless it was stilll considered a major gamechanger against the Rachni. With one unconirmed tale of a single shot killing a Rachni queen. A rumor that gave it an excellent reputation but was never confirmed.


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