Lost Souls

The Lost Souls Mercenary Group was a highly organized terminus systems mercenary gang led by Colonel Darren Wolf and founded in 2162 CE. Composed primarily of convicts, escaped criminals, pirates, slavers, former mercenaries, ex-Alliance soldiers, and other various criminal elements in the Terminus.

First founded when Systems Alliance Army Colonel Darren Wolf, when traveling onboard the troop transport ship, SSV Ulysses when he learned of the true cargo that the rather unassuming ship was carrying and why he and his men, who had been drafted during Shanxi and never released had been assigned to guard the vessel.

The cargo was a rather interesting item of value, a prothean data drive that while partially corrupted, contained important data that could aid in possible weapon research. Wolf and his men staged a quick takeover of the ship's crew of which less than ten percent were armed and those who were armed had pistols.

After taking the ship, Wolf fled to Omega where he took the data drive and sold it to a Cerberus operative for half a million credits, with the money Wolf bought a more combat ready quarian corvette with the money from Cerberus and the money he gained from selling the Ulysses. Wolf, now ready to make his living as a mercenary proceeded to hire criminal elements on Omega and establish himself as a major player in the criminal underworld.

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