The Luna Five Project was an Alliance program with the goal of finding a way to make every soldier a biotic through genetic experimentation and element

An example of a biotic soldier that the Luna Five Project hoped to make all Alliance soldiers into.

zero exposure. Normal rates of human biotics were one in ten humans exposed to element zero would gain stable biotic abilities. However the element zero exposure could cause medical problems for failed results. Luna Five which was named mainly for it's experiment location, Earth's moon. Hoped to use genetic enhancements that would help the human body accept element zero more and develop the necessary element zero nodules in the nervous system while at the same time decreasing the risk of cancer and other diseases through enchancements involving a limited amount of Vorcha DNA as they were immune to all disease.

The project began on January 15th, 2178 CE. Beginning with a team of sixteen Alliance scientists, three asari commandos meant for biotic instruction of trainees, and 125 highly-skilled Alliance marine volunteers, all of whom were highly skilled. Testing first began with the vorcha DNA experiments which lasted for six months and killed five candidates. Jim Russel, DeMarcus Crow, Archer Werlock, Darren Cooper, and Bret Taylor due to incompatible DNA. After the vorcha DNA implants were believed a success element zero exposure began to all 120 trainees left who had now received the DNA supplement. Element Zero exposure went in stages with the test subjects being subjected to higher amounts until they showed biotic potential. This was given a rate of one in three due to another genetic modification that were based off the natural ability of the Asari to manipulate dark energy and biotics. During the element zero exposure testing one trainee, Sergeant Rufus Floyd died of to much element zero exposure even with the vorcha DNA enhancement. The standard rate at which soldiers gained biotic talents was found and set at thirty one millimeters of element zero. The amount gave soldiers safe exposure to element zero with the vorcha DNA enhancement and reasonable biotic talents.

The project ended on September 19th, 2180 CE as a success for the Alliance who now had developed the ability to make soldiers biotics with very little training which only spanned an average of six weeks. However the program's findings were not put into general action due mostly to cost which was set at twenty thousand credits to enhance one soldier. Instead it's findings were later used as a standard for Alliance Rangers which had every accepted Ranger trainee given the genetic enhancements and element zero exposure developed in the Luna Five Project by 2184 CE. Unfortunately the findings were never put into action for regular soldiers which was the goal of the Luna Five project from the start.

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