WARNING: This document, M279 Heavy Anti-Materiel Plasma Launcher, is property of the Citadel Council and Systems Alliance, and is Classified under Alliance security code Omega Seven (O7), protected under the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony. Disclosure of its contents to, or access by, personnel with a clearance level lower than Gamma Five (G5) is an offense punishable by court(s) martial and imprisonment or execution for treasonous acts. Failure to disclose confirmed or suspected breaches of security will be treated as complicity, and is punishable by dishonorable discharge and/or imprisonment.


The M279 Heavy Anti-Materiel Plasma Launcher is a heavy missile launcher created by Woodel Industries. It was made as an anti-materiel launcher, which has an encased, cooled plasma inside each missile. A bit of the plasma is superheated when launched, and is sent out of the M279 at high rates of fire. Since only a bit of plasma is used in each shot, one missile is enough to cover four shots. The only downside to the launcher is its range. It has somewhat of a short range, due to the fact the plasma disperses and cools while speeding through the air, and is of no use in vacuum, as with all plasma, is not visible in vacuum.

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