M30 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
The M30 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher was a rail attached thirty milimeter grenade launcher employed by the Systems Alliance Military from 2174 CE to 2186 CE. Designed by Romano & Bianchi Weapon Systems, the M30 was a single shot grenade launcher which was reloaded by pulling the release slot located at the back of the weapon to the left. Once opened a thirty milimeter grenade could be inserted into the chamber. After the insertion of the grenade the injection hatch would be closed and the grenade would be ready to fire.

Designed for use against light infantry, entrenched urban positions such as a snipers nest, and lightly armored vehicles. The M30 was only two and three quarter pounds and sixteen inches long. This in conjuction with it's pistol grip actually allowed soldiers and criminals alike to use it seperately as a handheld grenade launcher.

30mm Grenade

The 30mm grenade fired by an M30. The green dot identifies this grenade as containing acid vapor.

Costing around two hundred and nine credits to make with a standard thirty milimeter grenade costing around twenty eight credits to make, the M30 was incredibly easy to mass produce. This allowed the Alliance to field over one point nine million of the grenade launchers in it's twelve year lifespan.

While not as effective as larger grenade launcher weapon systems, the M30 proved to be an effective weapon when used as it was intended to, but was noted as less effective than thrown grenades or most explosive weapons by Alliance Troopers. This and pressure from the Alliance over how easily mercenary groups could acquire access to the M30 forced Romano & Bianchi to pull the weapon from production in 2184 CE. Two years later the Alliance followed suit and discontinued it's use.

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