Malak Battle Rifle
The Malak Battle Rifle was a five round burst battle rifle with a thirty round magazine that was developed by Mannovai Compounds, a Salarian Government owned weapon manufacturing company. Developed in 34 CE the Malak was first used in the Rachni Wars. The Malak, named for a Salarian STG Sergeant famous for defeating over sixty Rachni in a single day and saving his entire squad was an effective weapon. Outfitted with a silencer from creation the Malak was one of the few light weapons with armor piercing ammunition strong enough to pierce Rachni flesh. This made it popular with ground forces. Using an unconventional five round bust over a three round burst was sighted as one of it's most successful innovations, gaining higher stopping power than a three round burst but retaining accuracy over an automatic assault rifle. However it was also cited as it's biggest problem. Due to it's thirty round magazine the gun could only fire six times before the need to reload making reloads often and the Malak uneffective against large swarms of enemys due to it's need to reload often. Despite the setback the rifle proved an asset in the wars and was used throughout them by most species. The Malak halted production after the Rachni Wars but with the millions made for the sake of supply and the preffered field method of keeping multiple loaded Malaks on hand and switching to a loaded one after one ran out of ammo to save time reloading. The Malak became an icon and was still in use across the galaxy, mainly by mercenary bands at the time of humanity's inception into the council. Making it one of the longest lived weapons in history.


Behind the ScenesEdit

While in article it states the Malak was named for a Salarian STG Sergeant it was actually an obivious reference to Darth Malak, the main antagonist of the Bioware game, Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic.

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