A Manaban ruler.

The Manaba were a green bipedal species who fought in the Rachni Wars. The Manaba believed in the Five Wills, if fulfilled, they believed they were essential for eternal life and happiness. They also followed a caste system; rulers were considered the most noble, while the slaves were called the descendants of the heretics.

Biology & appearancesEdit

The Manaba breathe basic atmosphere as their home-planet's atmosphere was that of the Citadel. It was believed that they were immune toward all foreign diseases, though after war with the Rachni, they contracted a disease that would slowly deteriorate their skin and organs. Slaves would often catch the disease when working in the underground region of their planet. Slaves died from the disease, as the cure was only given to rulers and priests due to their high status. The Manaba were incredibly quick, due to their small, light muscles that helped them to maintain a fast speed. However, due to their small musculature, they did not possess much in the way of strength, causing their industry to suffer in comparison to others.


Early on, the Manaba were at war with the Rachni, who were trying to colonize their homeworld, but the manaba were able to hold their ground for a while, however the rachni were eventually able to overpower them. The Manaba then colonized other planets that possessed a similar atmosphere to their homeworld's and were then found by the Citadel. The Citadel offered an alliance, which the Manaba declined at first. In 80 CE, the Manaba finally accepted the Council's offer after they discovered that the Citadel races were at war with the Rachni.


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