Cover Art

Chapter 1

Captain Resh'Jadi threw slammed his fist on the table. "But Admiral, I'm out of men." The admiral thought for a moment, looking out the window. "Then get more." "From where? All our soldiers are busy fighting the geth!" "What about the prisoners?" the admiral remained calm. "All of them are in the military now. Except one." "Then use him." Resh'Jadi unleashed all his rage and flipped over a table. "No! Not him! I won't have him in my squad ever again." The admiral turned calmly. "He's your only choice. Tell me would you rather watch this world burn?" The captain looked down embarrased. "No sir." "Then you will put Kaal in your squad. The captain gave a salute, then marched away. The admiral smiled pleased of what he had done.(To Be Continued)

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