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WARNING: The following article or story contains material not suitable for all audiences. If you do not wish to view explicit material, or it is illegal for you to do so, please turn back.


Sasha Christian used to be a whore.

Well, technically, that was inaccurate; whores have sex for money, and she didn't recall ever being paid in those days. Truth be told, she had been a sex slave, but she tried not to think of herself that way. Slaves are weak, she told herself, they are broken and worthless and helpless, and I am none of those things. It was her daily affirmation. As long as I keep these words in my heart, I will never be a slave.

But regardless of what she called herself, there was a time when she was not free. She was only a girl when humans made first contact with the Turian Hierarchy. A human ship had crossed through a dormant mass relay, accidentally breaking intergalactic law. The turians over-reacted and attacked. Her homeworld, Shanxi, was invaded, and suffered aerial bombardment. Her parents died in that war.

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