The Mass Effect Chronicles - or MEC for short - is a free-to download 2D RPG fan-game set in the ME-universe. The game is being created using Enterbrains' RPGMaker XP.

The project (initially known as The Turian Project), was started up by Derek Norton and later joined by several talented writers, artists, and musicians (listed below.)

Story Edit

So far the story has been kept under-wraps and appears to be in its developmental stages. While little is known, it is fair to assume that this story will take place in-between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

Development Edit

The development is being chronicled in Dev. Blogs found on the websites forum, facebook page, and blogspot page.

Release Dates Edit

Pre-Alpha : Expired

Alpha : TBA

Beta : TBA

Characters Edit

Morwin Edit

Species : Turian

Year of Birth : 2140

Role : Squadmember

Description: At the age of 43 Morwin is a highly respected Sentinel in the turian military. His intellect, technical skills and keen eye make him a powerful ally in any situation

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