NOTE: This is STILL a work in progress.

The following is a tutorial created by Bluethunder. This was made to assist members new to Wikia.

Making an articleEdit

Step oneEdit

There are many ways to create an article on Mass Effect Fanon, the three main ways are the following:


The edit button is clearly shown. Click image to enlarge.

  • Clicking the Create new article button on the left column of the page. This is the easiest to use as this column is present on most pages.

    This is found on the main page. Click image to enlarge.

  • There is a box saying Create new article located on the main page. It can be found above the help button.
  • The third step is creating a link to the unmade article on another article, then by clicking the red link, you are taken to Step 2.

Step twoEdit

After pressing one of the many buttons to create article, you will be taken to a small box asking you whether you want to use the standard layout or if you want to edit a blank page.

Standard layoutEdit

If you click the standard layout button, you will be taken to a page with section headers and sub-headers along with a place holder image. This should be used for users inexperienced with Wikia.

Blank pageEdit

The black page is just like it sounds. Here, you add all the headers yourself. This is often used by more experienced users.

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