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2010 Edit

April Edit

April 4 Edit

A Shadow Marshal is the darkness between the stars, the monster in the night, the invisible hand that guides all matters. We remain out of sight and out of mind, and walk as shadows, until such time when open force is required to secure victory, and even then you cannot be completely sure what you witnessed. That is why we are dreaded, why you can never stop us. Cut off a head, and we shall merely acquire several more.
Vyrnnus repeating the Shadow Marshal mantra[src]

April 11 Edit

A lot of good men died on Torfan. We were just better, that's all.
Laura Kingston on the battle of Torfan.[src]

April 18 Edit

I think Jenn just wants to see if she could break him down. Like a horse.
Brian Chase talking about his new crewman.[src]

April 25 Edit

Wrex: "Shepard."
Shepard: "Wrex."
―Common conversation between Jesika Shepard and Wrex.[src]


May 2Edit

Wrex: "Shepard."
Shepard: "Wrex."
―Common conversation between Jesika Shepard and Wrex.[src]

May 9Edit

When in doubt, shoot it out.
Josué Doblar's mantra.[src]

May 16 Edit

You'll never see Saren hide in the shadows.
—Fist explaining why he joined Saren.[src]

May 23 Edit

If you ever set out to eliminate the Roduun as a whole, make sure you have lots and lots of reinforcements, patience, and heavy weapons.
Nihlus Nryik on Helstrom's underground cities[src]

May 30 Edit

Sarcastic response: Ow, that hurt.
Kornov after being shot.[src]

June Edit

June 5 Edit

James Leer: "Sir, recent reports say that John DeMarcus and Harold Marr are working on building a new incendiary rifle. What do you want us to do?"
Pierre Kall III: "I want you to do your job!"
―Pierre and James discussing the assassination attempt on Harold Marr.[src]


July 4Edit

No one *wheeze* expects a volus.
Ione Sec explaining his career as a mercenary.[src]

July 11Edit

It's all a lie, nothing is true. We live as the pawns of those who throw away the lives of others for their own gain. And when we have been used to our extent we're killed off one by one. Until no one is left to know what really happened.
Jonah Richardson in a recording sent to Citadel News Network.[src]

July 18 & 25 Edit

Relieved response: Stupid human, never sit on top of a fully grown elcor.
Kornov before crushing Torin Greece's guard.[src]


August 1Edit

Growing up I always wanted to be a soldier. I guess every boy did but then they grew up. I never did, the adventure and excitement I saw through film made me sign up. But actors don't portray war it isn't some romantic struggle for freedom. It's hell.
Jonah Richardson to Dane Russel discussing his life as a soldier.[src]

August 15 Edit

Hey kid! We're Alliance Navy kid, we're here to help. Come on out now, its safe.
Nick Salvatore to Johun Shepard after he and his squad rescued Shepard from batarian slavers[src]

August 22 - October 22 Edit

I... *wheeze* hate *wheeze* Rachni.
To Porda meeting his Salarian accomplice.[src]

October Edit

October 22 - December 2 Edit

Kid, never allow yourself to cry for the deaths of others, especially not ones you had an emotional attachment to. Hell, don't make attachments period, they're just a handicap, a burden that makes one weak and undeserving to live. To survive, keep yourself on the fringe, always ready to bolt on a moment's notice. If you linger for just a few seconds, you're going to get yourself killed, and you will deserve that death.
Kymir Jhoeli giving advice to the young criminal known as Fist.[src]


December 2 - December 13Edit

Five years. That's how long we waded through the seas of blood and gore. How long we suffered hell at the hands of the Rachni. How long it took us to bring the fight to those bastards and avenge our fallen in a sea of blood and fire. Five years. Five years of hell.
Takavor Derishama, on his service in the Rachni Wars.[src]

December 13 - December 20Edit

Officially, you will only be a persistent rumor.
—Vyrnnus, speaking to a group of trainee Shadow Marshals about secrecy.[src]

December 20 - December 27Edit

There's more in this galaxy than just us.
—John DeMarcus to Alliance soldiers[src]

December 27 - January 4Edit

Lots of freezing snow and cold wind. Either I've died and gone to hell or I'm back in Canada. Not sure what the difference is.
Riley Keating upon landing on Noveria.[src]


January 4 - January 18Edit

My job isn't to decide people's deaths. Who gets to live and who gets to die. My job is not to be a judge. I bring death to the innocent and guilty. But who my targets are and if they should die is not my bussiness. My job is to be the trigger man. Give me a gun and tell me where to shoot. That's what i'm here for. Morality and ethics right from wrong. That's for my employers to decide.
Olta Varr describing his job as an assassin.[src]

January 19Edit

Johun Shepard: "Does this look like food to you?"
Nigel O'Conner: "You'll get used to it. It's not that bad. They always use the gross stuff just before you ship out. They probably figure that since so many rookies'll spit their socks up once we take off that they might as well help the process."
Johun Shepard and Nigel O'Conner during shore leave on Earth[src]

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