This is the dedicated page to list out eras on Mass Effect Fanon. This page is basically a reference page for general events.

Timeline Edit

The Council EraEdit

83 CE - Edit

February - Dezban chieftain Takavor Derishama is executed at the hands of salarian Tyrin Lieph . This incites an attempted dezban revolution. In order to suppress said revolution, the Council approves the application of the Extinction Doctrine upon the dezba. The populace of Coralus is exterminated by aerial bombardments by the Citadel fleet, dezban civilians are murdered by the RRTU, and dezba serving in the Rachni War are killed off. Aside from the dezba salvaged by Halak Marr , there are merely several dozen dezba left in the galaxy.

A primary symbol of the manaban religion is destroyed on Ragnora, and the primary religious leaders of their people are assassinated, both of these actions being executed on the orders of the rogue Council advisor Tyrin Lieph. The Manaban Emperor Derimakshan is murdered alongside batarian ambassador Ka'so Hensa during their attempts to hunt Tyrin Lieph. The Manaban Mass Suicides occur in response, reducing the population to 40 %. The manaban government is dismantled and within the next fifty years, the manaba have died out.

May -

A compromise is formed between the Krogan Overlord and Tyrin Lieph in order to reduce the threat of the rachni. Terolk's Syndrome is cured by Tyrin Lieph's research, allowing for a dezba to live several centuries longer.

783 CE - Edit

Fogiveness Is For The ForgottenEdit

2184 CE

A the story of an Asari Spectre who recruits highly capable mercs, assassins and commandos to help her take down a powerful Krogan Warlord. The story takes place in 2184, in between the events of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. It follows six characters: Euri T'Rishka, an Asari Spectre and the main protagonist. Anton Krauss, A former N7 commando and Majestic Twelve member. Lauryn Carson, A former N7 commando and partner of Anton Krauss, Kido'Tirjas nar Ralin, a Quarian assassin. Nova Ceyne, a Salarian cryogenecist and former STG operative. And finally, Gorgon Novak, a former Turian Recon specialist and Spectre candidate.

The Vivactan WarsEdit

2182 CE -

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