Mass Effect Origins is a roleplaying forum that is based around the award winning series of Mass Effect by BioWare. It is a non-canon site that takes place a little after the unimaginable death of Commander Shepard. You can make a character that meets your specific wants, you can be anything from a Hanar to a Krogan, Asari to a Turian and so on.


Mass Effect Origins was created February 11, 2010 by Ria. The site became open to membership on March 7th, 2010. During the first week, new users' characters would receive a bonus of eezo (element zero) and credits.


Starting April 21, 2010, Mass Effect Origins underwent a maintenance mode that Ria said would last till early May. She explained that after the site opens, version two will begin. The site has remained in a state of hiatus, it is unknown if the forum will reopen.


The Citadel was saved, the Council was saved, and both accomplished by the determined and unpredictable human race. Decided by the legendary Commander Shepard himself. After the Saren threat ended, the rebuilding began. The long and grueling process continues to this day, but what happened to Humanity's hero? Shepard was sent to destroy the remaining Geth problems, and during these feeble resistances we lost our hero to the void. Uproar was clear and quite evident, but eventually the people calmed down; Peace and Ignorance returning. But what happens to the Milky Way now that the greatest hero is gone? Will the choice of adding humanity to the ranks of the Spectres and the Council end in remorse; Will the Mercenaries once quelled by Shepard rise up and dominate; Will war break out; Will a new hero rise; Or will the Geth return? The choice is yours.

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