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Megan Trish
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Megan Trish, also known as Megan Doggan Trish, was a human female news reporter on the Citadel. She became famous when she married George Doggan. She retained her maiden name through the marriage. She was the mother of Veronica Doggan.


Early lifeEdit

Megan Trish was born on the planet Earth. Her parents, John and Molly Trish, were both television reporters for a news station on the planet. When Trish was 16, her parents were promoted to the news station's Citadel feed, and the whole family moved there soon after.


In 2170 CE, she was hired by the same news station to do the late night reports. After years of working, she was awarded an earlier time slot and interviewed people on the Citadel. There she met George Doggan and they married each other months later. The couple had one child together, Veronica Doggan.

In 2172 CE, she became the exclusive journalist for the Alliance.

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