“Sailing on an ocean is like bedding a very tempermental woman. Push too hard and you'll get kicked out. But if you do things right, you'll have a hell of a time.”

Mirole T'Shar cropped
Mirole T'Shar
Biographical information


Date of birth

1816 CE

Date of death

2181 CE

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Chronological and political information

Livis Company


Mirole T'Shar was an asari mercenary affiliated with the Livis Company. In 2181 CE, she and her lover Thedala Visin, and squadmate Arine Leoptos accompanied Cmdr. Emmanuelle Sharon of the Systems Alliance Navy on an ill-fated expedition to the city of Nairida in order to find Siani T'Nair. Captured by batarian troops, she, Visin, and Leoptos were all killed.


Born on the asari colony world Esan, Mirole T'Shar spent the earlier decades of her maidenhood as a smuggler; the notoriously storm-racked ocean that covered much of her homeworld's habitable zone provided ample opportunity for training.

Things changed drastically in 1913 CE, when the Batarian Hegemony attacked Esan and annexed it, renaming the planet Lorek. After spending several years as a refuge, Mirole was resettled on Illium. Unable to find work as a sailor, she joined the Livis Company, a private contractor that served as a legitimate front for the mercenary group Eclipse. It was there that she met Thedala Visin. Though Visin was young and tempermental where T'Shar was cool almost to the point of being aloof, the two fell in love.

Sometime later, the Livis Company was hired to intervene in a conflict between protestors from the Esan Liberation Alliance and the Batarian Hegemony on the annexed world of Zak'kon. Reminded of what befell her homeworld, Mirole volunteered for the job, and Thedala followed, albeit less enthusiastically. It proved to be one of the worst decisions she would ever make.

From the start, the mission on Zak'kon was a disaster. The intel that Livis had received proved to be highly inaccurate, and the team found itself pinned down in an old garrison town called Chaxes, defending the few remaining protestors from an enemy that they could not find.

Weeks later, some minor relief arrived when Cmdrs. Emmanuelle Sharon and James Skinner from the Systems Alliance Navy appeared, having been ostensibly hired to rescue Siani T'Nair, who happened to be the daughter of Matriarch Eumenia, one of the Livis Company's major shareholders, and who had left Chaxes several days earlier to scout out the city of Nairida, where she hoped to find a way to communicate with the Livis Company's headquarters and thus summon reinforcements. One of Siani's few friends in the company, Arine Leoptos, proposed that she and Sharon lead a team to Nairida to find her. Though neither T'Shar and Visin were especially close to Siani, and though Visin hated Leoptos, they still agreed to join the team, having been chosen for T'Shar's sailing experience and Visin's fighting skill, respectively. They reasoned that at least it would be better than starving to death with their peers.

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