Morva Dervan
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40 CE

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Soldiers of Salvation


Lieutenant Morva Dervan was a batarian soldier who fought on Ragnora in the Rachni Wars.


Morva Dervan was born in 40 CE to a rich batarian merchant couple on the batarian colony world of Gerodims. When he was only six months old, Gerodims was attacked by rachni and both of his parents were killed. He was found in a crib by an asari commando named Telma Gerdodia.

After he was saved he was brought to the Citadel, where the Batarian Hegemony Intelligence Agency, also known as the HIA, conscripted him. He grew up trained to be a spy, operative, and soldier for the Hegemony. He developed a deep hate for rachni and patriotism towards the Hegemony.

Throughout his life, Morva was a good agent and lucky with women. His first wife was found at age seventeen on an assassination mission for the Hegemony. He married her and had one child with her. She died of a heart cancer two years later, but he found a second wife, a salarian who easily enchanted him. However she was actually an STG spy who used him to steal Hegemony information before leaving him. With the loss of two wives, Morva became an alcoholic and was fired from the HIA.

He started working in C-Sec when he married another wife, a rich asari whom he rescued from a prostitution ring on the lower wards. Their relationship ended within a month. He married again for a fourth time to a hooker who he had impregnated. He married her to stop the shame of having a bastard child. After the marriage the child was aborted against his will and the unloving relationship ended.

He married again to a fifth wife whom he truly loved in 80 CE, and with whom he sired twin daughters. Under her encouragement, he joined the batarian Iron Legion, and he did well, killing dozens of rachni and keeping men alive. He was soon promoted to lieutenant and sent to Ragnora, where he worked to help defeat the rachni. Known for his odd tatoo and black and green armor which he had painted himself, Dervan participated in many operations against the rachni on Ragnora until he was noticed by Tyrin Lieph, an infamous salarian politician who recruited him for his private army, the Soldiers of Salvation. Morva accepted the offer shortly after learning of his wife's death and his two children at the hands of a manaban suicide bomber. He did well with Lieph and eventually succeeded batarian Commander Nikhail Baraat as head of the military sector.


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