Naira was the capital city of Ancient Imeria. It was a matriarchy, under the hereditary rule of the Nahir Dynasty, who could trace their lineage all the way back to the Great Separation, when Imeria became cut off from the rest of the Asari Republics. In 1276 CE, when the Republics re-established contact, they attempted to abolish the matriarchy. The Supreme Matriarch, Gwalga Nahir, declared war. The ensuing conflagration drew in the Citadel, and the Council elected to dispatch turian dreadnoughts to end the crisis. Nahir refused to surrender, and only the obliteration of Naira ended brought an end to the conflict. Imeria became a republic, but with its former capital destroyed, it soon became one of the poorest of the Asari Republics.

Trella's granddaughter, Wyresia, was the only scion of the Nahir line to survive. She renamed the family T'Nair, and maintained a low profile until her death. Wyresia's daughter, Meddianta, grew up to be one of the foremost archaeologists specializing in the history of Ancient Imeria, and later founded a city on Nomimos (now called Zak'kon) that she named Nairida, in honor of the long-forgotten city.

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