“We don't have Commander Shepard, but we do have a toll-free number.”

Nairidacorp logo
The Nairida Corporation, more frequently called NairidaCorp, is a privatized security company based on Illium. Founded by Siani T'Nair in 2182 CE from the remains of her late mother's holdings, its stated goals include improving relations between the Systems Alliance and the Asari Republics by providing supplemental forces to aid in Alliance Naval operations, and promoting scientific advancement for all species. NairidaCorp is also notable for its line of non-lethal weaponry.

Following the Reaper Invasion in 2186 CE, T'Nair ordered the evacuation of NairidaCorp's offices on Illium, and many of its most valued employees have been folded into Zana Squad.

Non-Lethal WeaponryEdit

During the company's early years, T'Nair allowed Euryale Armanents, an asari weapons manufacturer in which her mother owned a controlling interest, to continue operating, albeit with tight controls over distribution. However, by 2184 CE, she became concerned over reports that Euryale's weapons were still finding their way onto the black market. Since 2185, she has absorbed Euryale into NairidaCorp, and has pushed the company research-and-development arm to focus on non-lethal weaponry. Among their greatest achievements is the "ghost trap", a device that neutralizes geth by wirelessly transmitting benign programs into their platforms, preventing the hostile software from gaining consensus within the platform.

Current PersonnelEdit

Siani T'Nair Emmanuelle Sharon Sylvia Christian Justine Marsters Miriam Stern
Siani T'Nair cropped Emmanuelle Sharon 1 Sylvia Christian cropped Marsters leap cropped Nairidacorp logo
Founder/CEO Operations Director Chief Financial Officer Recruitment Director HR Director
Katie Auma Bethany Truman Julia Cerold Annabel Lee Nadia Bauer
Katie Auma Bethany Truman 2 Julia Cerold 2 Annabel Lee cropped Nadia Bauer
Personal Assistant to Sharon Helmswoman, NCSV Arine Sniper Specialist CO, NCSV Thedala
Bibi Joplin Hayley Kwan Runa Bars'kan Paul Barnes Patricia Radic
Nairidacorp logo Hayley Kwan Nairidacorp logo Paul Barnes 1 Patricia Radic cropped
ABD Specialist Medical Officer SOMA Operator
Ignacio Singh Alvy Kristjansen Meki'Heda Miguel Andrasofszky Aaron Wawrinka
Nairidacorp logo Alvy 1 Nairidacorp logo Nairidacorp logo Nairidacorp logo
Helmsman, NCSV Thedala IT Specialist

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