Nakamuraza Station
Physical description
Year abandoned

2180 CE

Political information

Entertainment Complex


Dizuni Entertainment Concern

Chronological and political information
Where can you go try your luck?
Na! Ka! Mu-ra-za!
And buy a pretty girl to f**k?
Na! Ka! Mu-ra-za!
Where can you see elcor noh?
Na! Ka! Mu-ra-za!
And do a couple lines of blow?
Na! Ka! Mu-ra-za!

—Nakamuraza Theme Song

Nakamuraza Station was a deep-space arcology that had been converted into a sort of Japanese-themed entertainment complex. Its offered entertainment included a brothel, a casino, a drug parlor, and a traditional-style Japanese theatre where one can watch noh theatre performed by an all-elcor cast. Under the management of Uoruto Dizuni, it was reasonably successful, but the station was nearly bankrupted after a devastating viral attack in 2180 CE caused its security systems to malfunction.

Behind the scenesEdit

From the creator:Edit

Anyone who's seen noh theatre will tell you that it's long, slow, and somewhat dull. After seeing the in-game ads for the all-elcor version of Hamlet, a light went off in my head. As for the cocaine and prostitutes, well, you gotta find ways to keep the people there once the novelty of elcor noh wears off...

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