Narra Locith
Narra Locith
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Narra Locith was a male salarian member of the Special Tasks Group, or STG, the elite shock troopers, intelligence agents, and assassins of the Salarian Union. Narra led a squad of Special Tasks Group commandos that consisted of numerous salarian, and asari operatives. His squad, and his style of command, was held in high regards by the members of the Citadel Council, most notably by Roraan Fretly, who ordered him to destroy the manaban holy site known as the Tomb of the Virtuous on Ragnora, and Tyrin Lieph, who ordered him to assassinate the Manaban Emperor, Derimakshan, and the batarian ambassador, Ka'so Hensa.

After the conclusion of the Rachni Wars, with the genocidal destruction of the dezba and the mass suicides of the manaba, Narra became one of the most notable members and leaders of the Soldiers of Salvation, the multi-species allegiance that served the highly controversial political figure, Tyrin Lieph. Narra was responsible for the elimination of the manaba's religious figureheads.

Early on in his Soldiers of Salvation career, Narra was sent on several high-risk missions to prove his dedication and value to the other leaders within the Soldiers, including the assassinations of a manaban reparations crusader and another assassin who had targeted Commander Nikhail, the militant leader of the Soldiers.


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