The New Galactic Codex is the official reference guide to the Citadel Redux series written by InfernalWarrior. Set nearly five-hundred years before the Geth Crisis, the New Galactic Codex chronicles the story of the Krogan Rebellions and the people, places, and technology affected by it.


Sections Edit

Alien Races

Inside this section, you will find information on the various alien races that affected the galaxy during the Krogan Rebellions. They were a diverse group, and this work seeks to be equally diverse in its selections, moving beyond the Citadel races—as admittedly influential as they were—to cover dozens of key races from that era.

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The Chronology section describes the key events that altered the course of history for the Citadel Council and the res tof the galaxy, as well as some significant events from the peoples' lives during it as well as important galactic events added for reference. In addition, a complete timeline can be found in this section.

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Vehicles and Vessels

While the first name that springs to mind when ships of the Krogan Rebellions are brought up is the Rachni Hunter, this section encompasses more than just that one dreadnought. Information on any number of ships and vehicles developed by other more, defunct organizations is provided here as well, all with extensive details on design, development, and history. All of these entries have now been painfully and carefully organized on this page for ease of use.

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Weapons and Technology

In the tumultuous era of the Krogan Rebellions, the citizens of the galaxy often had need to defend themselves from a variety of threats. This section therefore contains entries on any number of weapons and technology produced by the various galactic races. However, due to the vast scope of the work, most information on more common domestic items is not listed here, as this work is primarily focused on products designed for major use before and during the war..

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Planets and Locations

The Milky Way Galaxy was noted for its heavy amount of planets, ranging from forest to ocean to gas. While most of the planets were inhabitable and terrestrial many were uninhabitable by the massive majority of the races of the Milky Way Galaxy. As such, all of these unique and common planets are covered here.

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  • Clan Gonamida hierarchy
  • List of key people
  • About the compiler
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