New Malta was an Alliance colony that relied heavily on economic trade gathered from offshore drilling, fishing unique species of large aquatic fish, and underwater mining by the Gem Seed Corporation of large ruby deposits that naturally occured when large comets carrying the gems struck the planet before after thousands of years it turned to ocean. The planet was discovered by volus explorers in 590 CE the explorers were looking for a pla et that could be used as a 'pit-stop' for ships to refuel while traveling on trade routes. Mulltiple fueling stations and even a fully habitable space station that housed up to thirteen thousand people at one point was made until humanity decided to colonize the world. Changing the name from 3547 Selta to New Malta the planet was around 97% ocean with one large island that provided a colony and many scattered surrounding islands. It was first colonized in 2162 CE when around twelve thousand people, mostly of Chinese descent left Earth on the colonization ship, SSV Majenta to start colonization efforts. The orbital stations were bought from the volus by the Alliance and used to construct the city of New Malta, named for the planet it was established on. The planet thrived bringing in billions and it became and economic paradise and tourist wonderland with moderate protection, mainly relying on a set of six large guns that could reach ships in orbit. And a garrison of around thirteen hundred Alliance soldiers who were supported by local security forces. This wealth changed in 2171 CE when a large force of Blood Pack Mercenaries attacked New Malta for it's wealth and to send a message to humanity. They killed it's entire defence force and many civilians before the 92nd Shock Trooper Regiment responded and slaughtered the invaders saving most of the colony. However damage was done and it proved unfixable as over the next ten years many corporations tried to rebuild the colony but each one failed. Leaving New Malta a barren wasteland.

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