News Channel 42A
General information

Citadel Station

Historical information

2184 CE

Other information

Eden Prime War


News Channel 42A was a highly-rated, human controlled, holographic news vid that was aired across the galaxy, but most notably on human worlds and human colonies such as Elysium, Eden Prime, and Freedom's Progress. Its most significant report was on the mysterious deactivation of the Charon Relay, a Mass Effect Relay that connected the Sol System to the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy.[1]

Notably anti-turian, News Channel 42A managed to evoke hatred for the Turian Hierarchy and Citadel Council in general, by broadcasting the turian councilor's statement about the Citadel Council's planned role in resolving the crisis and protecting human colonies from batarian slaver and pirate attacks originating in the Terminus Systems. News Channel 42A also covered the scandalous activities of several hanar "celebrities".[1]


Notes and ReferencesEdit

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