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Nicole Vossen
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2156 CE

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Nicole Vossen was a captain who was assigned to the SSV Fresno, and for a short amount of time, the commander. She was part of the 23rd Scout Flotilla, under the command of Rear Admiral Mason Pratt, during the Battle of the Citadel. In this battle Nicole saw extensive action and was seriously injured, which ended her naval career.

Early LifeEdit

Nicole Vossen was born on Earth on November 18, 2156 CE. Her father was a retired marine, and her mother was a social worker. Nicole grew up participating in activities such as visiting shooting ranges or fixing motors with her father and painting with her mother. She developed a deep relationship with her parents, and thus it was difficult for her when her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her mother fought for her life, but the chemotherapy failed, and she died within a year of being diagnosed.

After her mother's death, Nicole sank into depression and closed herself off from her friends and her father. As this continued her father grew concerned and enrolled Nicole in therapy. Nicole initially resented having to undergo therapy, but as she matured, she realized that her behavior was taking a heavy toll on her grieving father. She began to turn her life around and devoted herself to helping her father cope with her mother's death. She also made an effort to re-establish contact with her friends. As she became an adult, Nicole realized that she was meant to follow in her father's footsteps, and joined the Systems Alliance Navy on her twenty-first birthday.

First Tour of DutyEdit

After being accepted into the Naval Academy, Nicole studied to become a pilot and engineer and learned how to manage the systems for every class of spaceships. Nicole was an outstanding student and graduated with multiple merits in her field. During her graduation ceremony, she was approached by Mason Pratt, a rear admiral who at that time commanded the 23rd Scout Flotilla. He implored her to join his crew on his flagship, the SSV Fresno.

She was excited and upon graduating, immediately shipped offworld to the SSV Fresno orbiting around Mars and gladly took her seat as the new helmsman. Nicole initially faced resentment due to her lack of experience in combat, but Pratt stood by her. He saw a spark within her that reminded him of himself in his early days.

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