Commander Nikhail Barrat

Commander Nikhail Barrat was a Batarian soldier, and later a major commander in the Batarian military. Nikhail was a dedicated member of the Soldiers of Salvation, serving as the head of its military sector until his death, when he was succeeded by Morva Dervan.

Service for the HegemonyEdit

Under the command of a captain within the Hegemony's military, it was Nikhail's duty to weed out the remaining guerrillas on the batarian home planet of Khar'shan, following the first Batarian Civil War. Along with two other sergeants, Nikhail was held prisoner by one particularly vicious group of guerrillas within a valley for 3 out of the 14 months that made up the guerrilla war. After three months of subjecting their prisoners to torture and interrogation, the guerrillas acknowledged that they would receive no information, and chose to eliminate their prisoners before any of them could be rescued. One of the sergeants was given a Glasgow smile and had his tongue cut out, whilst the other was disemboweled. Nikhail's execution was interrupted, which saved his life, but the soldiers did not arrive in time to save his comrades, or prevent the guerrillas from stabbing his top pair of eyes out with an extremely hot metal brand.

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