WARNING: This document, Nisson Vao, is property of the Citadel Council and Systems Alliance, and is Classified under Alliance security code Omega Seven (O7), protected under the Office of Alliance Territorial Hegemony. Disclosure of its contents to, or access by, personnel with a clearance level lower than Gamma Five (G5) is an offense punishable by court(s) martial and imprisonment or execution for treasonous acts. Failure to disclose confirmed or suspected breaches of security will be treated as complicity, and is punishable by dishonorable discharge and/or imprisonment.

I am merely an information broker!!! Please, don't kill me!
—Nisson Vao, before being killed by Ivan Petrovich.

Nisson Vao was an Alliance information broker of human descent. He was Korean, and took part in the Korean-Japanese War. After that, he moved to the Citadel and ran a small cafe, until he became an information broker for the Alliance. He went rogue, and was almost killed by Ivan Petrovich sometime before the geth attack on the Citadel. Ivan though, couldn't do it, as Nisson was very old of age, so Ivan left him alive. After that, Vao retired, and went back to running a cafe.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Vao is named after a Star Wars character, Mission Vao, who was coincidentally in another Bioware game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

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