Nova is a STG veteran, master chemist, and also has studied in cryogenetics. His specialty in chemistry is toxins.

Nova Ceyne is a Salarian STG veteran, chemist, and cryo-genecist, and is 26 years old as of 2184. Although his combat skills are minor, Nova's service in the STG was nevertheless considered a high point for the modern STG, as his skills in chemistry were of great use. He has crafted several artificial toxins that are now in regular circulation within the STG and some within the galaxy at large as well. His creations have been successfully used for 25 on-record assassinations so far. When Nova was contacted by Euri T'Rishka, he had been contracted by the Blue Suns to administer poison to several significant politicians who were pushing for harsher enforcement against mercenaries within the Terminus Systems.

Nova, recognizing the more noble nature of Euri's endeavor in comparison to his current contact, chose to "liquidate" the contract with the Blue Suns. That is to say, he planted explosives and a camera in the facility where he'd met his contractor. When the camera detected the contractor's presence within the facility, Nova detonated the explosives and destroyed the facility, effectively ending his contract. He is currently gathering his supplies so that he can board Euri's ship within the next two days.

Nova is known amongst his colleagues for spontaneity and displaying masochistic and sadistic tendencies. As he puts it, "I just try to take the harshness of life in stride and laugh it off. It's a far better alternative to just being some broody scientist with moral quandaries, isn't it?"

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